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新品即決 with Mutliwheel(R) 32" - Limbo スーツケース キャリーバッグ 鞄 バッグ Rimowa リモワ Rimowa Red Carmona - Tag Electronic-マザーズバッグ

こちらの商品は リモワ Rimowa バッグ 鞄 キャリーバッグ スーツケース Limbo - 32" Mutliwheel(R) with Rimowa Electronic Tag - Carmona Red です。



━ カタログ(英語)より抜粋 ━

Leave your cares behind and only include the proper attire for letting loose in the Limbo Multiwheel from Rimowa. This case is designed for the frequent traveler that needs the ultimate streamline airport experience. We are able to check in for our flight with that tap of a screen, but that is only convenient if you aren't checking luggage. With the RIMOWA Electronic Tag you are well on your way to the smoothest airport experience of your life in the height of luxury!
The RIMOWA Electronic Tag lets you use your smartphone to check in your suitcase from the comfort of your own home and hand it in within seconds at the airport.
Lightweight, nearly indestructible polycarbonate shell returns to its original shape after pressure has been released.
Polycarbonate material is both lighter and more durable than aluminum.
Durable aluminum-magnesium alloy frame protects your belongings from humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.
Multi-stage telescopic handle allows for easy maneuvering.
Retractable Add-A-Bag Holder allows attachment of brief case or hand bag for easier transport.
TSA Lever Action lock adds extra security to contents while allowing TSA agents to open your bag without damage to the lock.
Heavy-duty top and side carry handles allow you to comfortably lift even a fully loaded case with ease.
Bag opens book-style for easy packing and unpacking of your items. Flex divider adds compression for more capacity and discourages wrinkling and shifting.
Main compartment features a zippered pocket to store under garments and small, easy-to-lose items.
Dual compression straps hold all items in place during transport and those bumpy flights.
Four multi-directional wheels rotate 360 making transportation as an upright or leaning case easy to maintain.
Weight: 14.13 lbs.
Width: 約 50.80 cm
Depth: 約 25.40 cm
Height: 約 81.28 cm
Weight: 約 6290 g

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新品即決 with Mutliwheel(R) 32" - Limbo スーツケース キャリーバッグ 鞄 バッグ Rimowa リモワ Rimowa Red Carmona - Tag Electronic-マザーズバッグ

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